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Skoda Showroom Mullingar

Architects : EMD Architects
Quantity Surveyors : Eamonn Trainer and Company
Consulting Engineers : Alan Clarke & Associates

Skoda Showroom Mullingar – this was 350m2 building constructed on an
existing site of the owner of the Skoda garage, the Client for the project
was Mullingar Autos Ltd. Our company acted as Main Contractor and
PSCS on the demolition of the existing building and the construction of the
new build state of the art showroom. This new build showroom was
construction along the main Dublin road to Mullingar town. With the
passing of traffic to the current temporary garage being a daily duty to
manage through careful set up of site hoarding, communication on a
regular basis and management of traffic.
The Works included demolition of existing building, and the erection of the
structural steelwork frame building with office facility’s and public toilets.
The External façade was made up of new wall cladding comprising of full
height curtain walling screens and insulated kingspan cladding. The roof
construction consisted of a metal deck and a PVC roof finish on top. The
construction of parapet walls around the perimeter of the building was
detailed to give a modern look. Inside the walls and ceilings consisted of
very detailed angled walls and feature walls, with a full metal grid
plasterboard ceiling formed to different levels and heights. The Skoda
showroom is very similar to that of the LIDL storeroom construction. There
were separate doors for car entry and pedestrians such as that of public
access and material delivery at a LIDL Store. The widths designed to fit
even the latest size of large cars. This has an area dedicated for
wheelchair accessible people.
Instatement of existing floor, wall and ceiling finishes. All floors were
cured and tested prior to the Skoda tiling was installed by one of our
approved installers. There was a full Mechanical and Electrical installation,
including ventilation, heating, lighting, security and electrical points, all
similar to installation in the current project in question.
External works included the installation of and the works to the site
boundary treatment with the inclusion of a boundary fence near the river.
There were also external landscaping works and car-parking.

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